PAC Services

Going Beyond PAC Software



PAC administration can be tedious and time consuming. Not only that but errors in data can result in incorrect compliance filings and possible missed reports an...

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PAC Reporting

If you have a Federal PAC or State PAC then you have probably filed a PAC compliance report because all Federal and most State PACs have to file periodic PAC co...

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Campaign Finance Compliance

PASS provides FEC reporting and state campaign finance compliance reporting including tracking filing obligations and reporting requirements as well as preparin...

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Charity Match Administration

Want to offer Charity Matching but don’t have the staff to administer the program?

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Web Design

Looking for an efficient and effective way to raise PAC money? A PASS designed and hosted PAC website may be just the tool you need.  

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Member Engagement

PASS offers grassroots services allowing organizations to combine their PAC database with their employee or member database to reach a wider audience for issues...

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